Types Of Crowns And Their Pros/Cons

There are many options to consider when choosing the right cosmetic dentistry procedure for you, and dental crowns are no exception. If your tooth is decayed or damaged, dental crowns may be a solution to restore your tooth and your smile! For dental crowns in Costa Mesa, CA, your dental experts at Harbor Mesa Dental Care, Dr. Sanacore, Dr. Kunert, and Dr. DeBourg-Shilaimon, are here to help!

Types of Crowns

There are many different types of dental crowns in Costa Mesa, CA, that are available today, distinguished by the type of material from which it is made. Each type will come with a different cost, durability, and aesthetics, which is why it is important to be informed to make the decision that is right for you. Your dentist is also available to help answer any questions and help you make this decision.

The most common types of crowns include all-porcelain crowns, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, and zirconia crowns. Other types of crowns available but which are becoming less common include all-resin crowns, stainless steel crowns, and gold crowns.

Pros & Cons of Each

All-porcelain crowns blend in the best with natural teeth, and therefore they are often ranked most popular due to their aesthetic appeal. However, all-porcelain crowns also come with the largest price tag and are less durable than some of the other metal or metal-fused-to-porcelain alternatives.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns offer increased durability and fit as compared with all-porcelain crowns and are typically more affordable. However, their weakness comes with their lack of aesthetic appeal, as the presence of the metal creates a visible dark line on the surface of your tooth.

Zirconia crowns have an advantage over porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns in that they are around the same cost but have greater durability and aesthetic appeal. One disadvantage to zirconia crowns is that if you begin to experience any tooth decay below the surface of the crown, it can be nearly impossible to see. Therefore, zirconia crowns can make oral health more challenging over time.

Making the Choice

It is important to remember that the decision for which type of crown is best for you will come down to your budget, needs, and lifestyle. Consult your dentist to determine the most suitable option for you! For dental crowns in Costa Mesa, CA, come see Dr. Sanacore, Dr. Kunert, and Dr. DeBourg-Shilaimon of Harbor Mesa Dental Care. For additional questions or to make an appointment today, please call (714) 825-0025.

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