Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Too often, people choose to live with cosmetic dental issues because they assume making improvements will require complicated dental procedures. Fortunately, enhancing your smile may be easier than you think. Teeth whitening, veneers, and other treatments offered here at Harbor Mesa Dental Care in Costa Mesa, CA, provide simple ways to makeover your smile—read on to learn more!

Teeth Whitening

Stains from foods, beverages, or tobacco use may make your teeth look dull or yellow. These stains occur when dark pigments seep into the microscopic pores on your tooth enamel. No matter how diligently you brush your teeth, you won't be able to remove the pigments.

The hydrogen peroxide whitening gel your dentist uses to remove stains breaks apart the pigments, lightening your teeth by as many as eight shades. In-office treatment only takes about an hour. If you wish, you can also whiten or touch up your teeth with take-home trays made for you by your dentist.


Veneers improve the appearance of your teeth by concealing imperfections behind thin, tooth-shaped shells made of porcelain. When you visit our Costa Mesa office for your first veneer appointment, your dentist will remove a small amount of enamel and make an impression of your mouth that will be used to create your custom veneers.

Veneers are often used to:

  • Conceal chips, cracks, and other minor damage
  • Close slight gaps between teeth
  • Change the appearance of oddly shaped teeth
  • Lengthen short teeth
  • Hide discolorations or whiten your entire smile


Bonding, one of the simplest and least expensive cosmetic dental treatments, involves adding tooth-colored ceramic resin to your teeth to restore damage, hide discolorations, lengthen teeth, hide gaps, or improve the shape of teeth. After the bonding material is added to your teeth, it's hardened with a curing light.


Crowns offer another way to hide damage, lengthen/improve the shape of a tooth, or change the appearance of a dental discoloration. These hollow restorations slip over the tops of teeth, covering them completely and improving durability. Before you receive your crown, your dentist will reduce the size of the tooth slightly and make an impression of your mouth. You'll wear a temporary crown until your restoration is ready in about two weeks.

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